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All products on this site made from Ancient Swamp Kauri wood removed from a swamp where carbon dated samples range from 5,000 to 60,000 years.

At Heirloom Boxes I make a range of beautiful hand crafted products from Ancient Swamp Kauri timber.

This timber has been buried in the swamps of Northland, New Zealand for up to 60,000 years making it the oldest workable timber in the world.

Swamp Kauri has an absolutely stunning range of color and pattern and is simply like no other timber.

In my workshop at Whangarei, Northland, New Zealand I craft a range of beautiful Jewellery boxes mainly using hand tools, some of which are antiques.

As well as jewellery boxes I also craft a range of products including beautiful serving platters and boards, some complete with ceramic dipping bowls, also candle holders spatulas and other assorted items.

It gives me great pleasure to select an unattractive piece of timber and reveal the beauty that can lay beneath the surface.

No two pieces of work are the same, even when made from the same piece of timber using the same design every piece will be unique, such is the beauty of this special timber.


  • 25 June at 18:00 from facebook

    All finished.

  • 20 June at 16:04 from facebook

    This ones going to be very nice. Just need to complete the interior. Ancient Swamp Kauri, extra large box approximately 29 x 18cm, three levels inside. Beautiful rich tones, will be lined in burgandy

  • 31 May at 06:37 from facebook

    Waipu Street Market

  • 28 May at 12:03 from facebook

    Cremation Boxes. I seem to be making quite a few of these lately. I know how important these boxes are to my clients so I always try to find that special piece of timber for them.

  • 12 May at 07:43 from facebook

    Last minute Mothers Day gifts. Open today 209 Fairway Drive Kamo.